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About Us

We are a family owned business and has been creating beautiful landscape and outdoor living designs for many years now. We take pride knowing that our relationship with each of our clients goes well beyond the existing design implementation.  We work to retain their business now and in the future.  Their satisfaction is our measurement tool and our expectation.

John Stewart, Owner

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We are a family business. John takes care of his customers the old fashion way, great service. His reputation of providing the best service is known throughout the metro area. His integrity and his honesty and hard work have earned him a loyal customer base. Contact us for more information on how we can design your outdoor living area today.

Kent Smith

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Kent provides direct communication and service to each of our customers. He maintains the balance of design and implementation and focuses on meeting the customers’ expectations with service and product. His dedication and loyalty to this company and to our many clients ensures quality service every time. Call him today to find out how you can start enjoying your outdoor living area soon. He will work with your ideas and help you determine the final design for the best price available.